Corporate Profile


Auspiciously incorporated in March 1989, renowned home-grown freight forwarder Phili-Orient Group has established itself over a span of 29 years as one of the leading one-stop logistics provider in the nation. Serving top corporate clients passionately since 29 years ago, we are the most sought after solutions provider for various industries such as oil & gas, FMCG and electronics, especially in delivering of goods for companies involved in information technology.


Our core services could be segregated into three categories. The complete logistics solutions would incorporate freight forwarding, trucking services, and warehousing with value added services. Amongst them, we are especially proud to pronounce airfreight as the major drive for Phili-Orient Group. We are proud to live by the moniker as the top air freight forwarder by our clients and enthusiasts, as Phili-Orient builds ourselves up to be the numero uno indigenous airfreight service provider.


With hundreds of customers under our wings and thousands of tonnes of cargo flown under our brand annually, it is easy to see why we have been sitting on that prestigious throne. We deliver what we committed, and we wear our commitment on our sleeves. It is strongly woven into our very soul that logistics network should not just offer freight forwarding but create wide web of links to benefit mutually within the network. As we talk about passion, we show that our passion to serve is just as strong as our reputation in reliability. Yes, with our expertise and experience we intend, and shall, help you grow your business.



Our Commitments

At Phili-Orient, we acknowledge that the world is constantly in rapid change, and their developments will have their effect on day-to-day logistics. Working towards becoming the best Malaysian logistics provider, there is a need for us to prepare for ‘the new normal’ in supply chain management. Going into the future, we intend to stay in front of the chasing pack. Hence staying up-to-date on the latest trends in logistics is more important than ever.


Phili-Orient will increase its flexibility. Meeting consumer’s requirements at multiple locations with multiple transport modes at different times, we shall offer a more flexible supply chain that can adapt easily to unexpected changes and circumstances. Phili-Orient will expand its global network. With international, mature and emerging markets becoming part of the overall business growth strategy for many companies, and supply chains becoming increasingly complex and dynamic with sourcing locations being changed increasingly quickly and purchase orders becoming smaller and more frequent, it is only business-savvy for us to spread out network coverage, depth of services, and capability to support multi-channel strategies of our customers.


Phili-Orient is going hi-tech. The growing complexity and dynamism of supply chains requires increasingly advanced Information Technology solutions. To be able to secure speed to market, complete visibility of the entire supply chain aspires to achieve true demand-driven planning and to reduce risks, we are utilizing some of the most advance systems available in order to achieve our target of total satisfaction.


Phili-Orient is actively building partnerships. We actively and continuously seek partnerships with manufacturers to offer supply chain innovations and gains through collaborations.