International Network Partners


Lognet Global members form a group to provide comprehensive and competitive logistics solutions in all major markets around the world. As a member of Lognet Global, Phili-Orient has been connected to the reliable, robust and local expertise agents throughout the world, to ensure all the cargo are delivering smoothly all around the world.


Air & Ocean Partners is a freight forwarding network to link together the freight forwarders and mutually benefit by working together within the network. AOP take a close look at each potential member, their business, facilities and other factors, in order to select the finest candidates to join their network. Therefore, you can rest assured that by working with an AOP member you will know that they are a reliable and efficient organization.


The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is the trade association for the world’s airlines, representing some 260 airlines or 83% of total air traffic. Professional support is provided to all industry stakeholders with a wide range of products and expert services. IATA accreditation provides agents with industry recognition of their financial and professional competence and airlines with a worldwide distribution network of approved agents to sell their product.



Local Partners


The PFFA’s objectives are to unify all freight forwarders in the country through the promotion of co-operation and understanding among members, and to protect and represent the interests of members at the National and International levels. As a member of PFFA, we improve the quality and standards of services of our employees through the training and development conducted by PFFA by ensuring ourselves always compliance to the regulatory and regulation of the industry.


AFAM is a non-governmental organisation who represents the freight forwarding industry of Malaysia, recognized by many other governmental organisations, governmental authorities, private international organisations in the field of transport. AFAM aims to unite the freight forwarding industry of the country and to improve the quality of services rendered by freight forwarders by developing and promoting uniform forwarding documents, standard trading conditions, etc.