⚊ Warehouse & Distribution


As a total logistic service provider, Phili-Orient is also well-verse in warehousing and distribution services, to stay competitive and meet customer demand. Phili-Orient has two perfect site warehouse in Malaysia to cover the distribution in the major cities throughout Malaysia, with all the resources to handle customer needs.


Clients could opt for peace-of-mind and place their cargo in Phili-Orient’s very own warehouse in the KLIA cargo area. With an extensive size of 3,500sf, our clients could benefit from various advantages, such as faster access of cargo, rapid clearing of cargo, and self- transfer of cargo from airport direct to warehouse without relying on 3rd party. We have all the facilities in the warehouse including custom brokerage license, EDI link with Malaysian Customs, in order to provide fast, cost effective and accurate clearance for our clients.


Phili-Orient has another top-notch warehouse at Bukit Minyak with a total storage space of 16,000sf and operating 24x7. It is equipped with complete warehouse management system which includes wireless scanners, with 24-hour surveillance system, 24-hour security guards, 24-hour alarm system with 3rd party central monitoring, comprehensive warehouse equipment for material handling such as forklift, power pallet truck, hand pallet truck, and many more. We are capable to offer value added services such as sorting, weighing, packaging, shrink wrapping, secure palletizing, and cage for high value goods.


Our fleet of trucks, reliable partners and professional operations support ensure some of the most reliable services and sure-fire delivery. Several of our service features worth mentioning are remote controlled immobilizer installed on our trucks, advance GPS tracking device with anti-tamper solution and web access, emergency alert and anti-hijack button, armed escort services for high value goods, our very own well-trained security team, and strategic alliances with other transport operators to provide additional vehicles to service customers. All our drivers and warehouse staff are extensively trained in cargo handling, ensuring your goods are tended to with the upmost care.