Customs Brokerage
& Consultancy

Expanding Your Reach

At Phili-Orient, we understand the need for smooth customs clearance and regulation compliance.

With brokerage facilities located worldwide, we have the reach, experience and network to provide customs brokerage and consulting services.

Experienced customs team

Our customs experts have over 30 years of experience of handling 3,000 declarations monthly

Dedicated management

We are always within reach even during after office hours and public holidays

Excellent relationships with government customs

We understand necessary import regulations and permit requirements and help address queries raised by the customs department

Customs consulting services to expedite customs clearance with 100% compliance with customs regulations

  • Optimising custom activities
  • Minimising duties and taxes
  • Maximising compliance

Common Challenges to Customs Clearance

  • Absence of round-the-clock support, especially during public holidays and off-days

  • Turnaround time (TAT) for clearance that may take longer than a day

  • Late update to customers when requesting for required documents if documents are not in order

  • Delayed updates on shipment status

  • Inadequate support provided to clarify customs documentation and processes to clients

Our Approach & Solutions

We take the complexity out of border crossing processes and ensure your shipments are headed to their destinations. Our comprehensive customs brokerage services implement proven strategies to streamline operations and extensive preparation of all the necessary documentation.

Round-the-clock support (24/7 for 365 days)

Upon request, we deploy standby staff outside of office hours (Current coverage: 0900 to 2230 hours)

Dedicated brokerage team to meet timely clearance and fast response to each customer:

  • TAT within 0.5 days from the time of declaration to clearance
  • Imports and exports will be within 2 hours

Dedicated escalation team to ensure quick decision making for any exceptional needs or requests

Timely updates on the shipment status to customers

Upon request, we are capable of providing support for permit clearance from other Government Agencies

World-Class Services for Transporting Your Cargo

Discover our winning formula to success.