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Malaysia’s Most Preferred Freight Forwarder to India

Logistics Solutions to India

As the leading logistics provider to India, our experienced team support your freight by providing local oversight through our network of dedicated offices in main cities. We offer a range of time-specific options and economical routing, including next flight, express and consolidated shipping.

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Years of Experience

Backed by industry experience, our competent management team provides total logistics solutions tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

More than

Years as a Preferred Forwarder for MNCs in Malaysia

Our extensive regional network allows us to support clients in optimising strategies, inventory management and distribution. We’re proud to take one of our multinational corporation clients further with more than 15 years of partnership.

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We prioritise quality, efficient and precise services. Leveraging our dedicated team and network to tackle common challenges in transporting cargo from various industries to India.

Why Choose Us?

Strong Network

With five Phili-Orient branches in main cities, namely, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, New Delhi and Shamshabad, we are well-acquainted with the country’s air to land routes.

Airlines Capacity

Our reliable experts are capable and experienced in handling high-risk shipments, dangerous goods (D.G.) and perishable, reliably managing transport from end-to-end.

Our Preferred Airlines

- Proudly named Gold Business Partner of MASkargo
- Secured firm blocked capacity to India
- Over 10 years as an International Air Transport Association (IATA) agent
- Ranked Top 15 Best Performer by IATA

Expertise in Charter Services

We exceed client expectations with our extensive capabilities and flexibilities in executing and operating 25 charters.

Value-Added Services

Our dedicated operations team are capable of freight consolidation by performing our own Build-Up ULD (BUP).

World-Class Services for Transporting Your Cargo

Discover our winning formula to success.