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As a leading total logistics provider, Phili-Orient has the expertise and capabilities to overcome challenges that are specific to your industry. We provide customised solutions that will support you through all stages of your supply chain.


Expertise: Semiconductor & Electronics

India’s semiconductor industry is gaining a sizeable share of the global market for the past decade. Riding on this rise of market trend, POL has five offices strategically located in India, making us well-versed in all the lanes in the country. Moreover, POL has more than 25 years of experience handling semiconductor consignments for multinational corporations.

Our certified DG team can handle semiconductor consignments with extreme care to meet our client’s critical times. Currently, we are the most reliable freight forwarder in Malaysia to handle lithium battery shipments to India. 



Expertise: East Malaysia

The uncertainty coming out of the pandemic COVID-19 is affecting people’s mobility and the ease of doing business. In contrast, it has also led to a surge in e-commerce demand all over the world.

Competitive pricing and speed are two of the biggest must-haves for a freight forwarder to embrace the surge and enable the smoothness of the whole process. POL is no exception, and we have become part of the waves that tackle the two must-haves and successfully moved an average of 300 tonnes monthly to East Malaysia.


Expertise: Aircraft Engine Maintenance

High-value consignments such as aircraft engine require proper handling with special equipment for pick up, delivery and loading. Our DG team is highly experienced in taking care of the tedious requirements, meeting our customer’s expectations for over five years.

We also have close partnerships with carefully selected and experienced carriers and subcontractors to handle highly sensitive goods. In addition, we always comply with the special requirement, transit permissions and end-user stipulations.



Expertise: Explosive Goods

Handling logistics of explosive goods via sea, air, road, or rail requires close attention to detail and utmost care. This ensures all cargo packaging and documentations are in order and to protect the shipment, carrier, warehouse, dockworkers and the public. Also, it requires special approval as it involves dealing with high levels of Dangerous Goods. With our DG team’s extensive experience, we can support and reassure our customers with all aspects of handling dangerous goods from end to end.

Oil and Gas

Expertise: Project and Oversize Cargo

At POL, we have the in-house expertise to handle oil and gas-related consignment. We understand the urgency and cut-off time of the industry, and we are committed to meeting the dateline in terms of delivery and documentations with strong partners. Regardless of the project size and complexity, we can offer personalised consultation and specifically designed solutions to tackle all the challenges.



Expertise: Essential COVID-19 Items

The healthcare industry relies heavily on the time-sensitive delivery of freight, especially when lives are at stake. It is essential to ensure a solid supply chain of life-saving chemicals, medical devices-ventilator, protective equipment, mask, covid test kit, etc. is available.

POL has handled multiple projects, such as handling a critical shipment on a special aircraft from Kuala Lumpur to Paris. We are proud to serve this industry throughout the pandemic and will continue to do so.

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