Our values

Our Vision

En route to —

Be recognised as a trusted Total Logistics Solutions Provider in Southeast Asia with integrated air, ocean and land freight services to help businesses and communities thrive.

Our Mission

To deliver exceptional end-to-end logistics solutions and unparalleled customer support, ensuring optimal efficiency.

To provide innovative and cost-competitive solutions that satisfy ever-changing customer demands in supply chain management.

To build a safe and supportive work environment that provide opportunities for employees to perform their best and grow to their full potential.

To build and sustain strong, long-term relationships with our partners and customers.

Our Core Values


We uphold the highest standards of ethics and responsibility in all that we do. To do so, we continuously strive to act honourably and do the right thing for our customers and company.


We hold ourselves accountable for all our decisions and results, no matter good or bad. While prioritising your goals and needs, we ensure that our efforts deliver a successful outcome for all.


We wear our commitment on our sleeves as we are genuinely sincere to learn from our mistakes and continuously improve to do our very best in our work. Driven by our passion, we constantly enhance our knowledge and expertise to go beyond customer expectations.


At Phili-Orient, teamwork is our way of life. In all of our operations, we strive to create a collaborative environment that encourages effective teamwork between us, customers and global partners to deliver seamless and quality services.


We revel in the unknown and continuously improve to adapt to customer needs in an ever-changing market. In any situation, we strive to deliver excellence and get things done right.

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